Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Stratford Hall Sign Shop

Along with my responsibilities as Director of Preservation, I am now also Stratford Hall's resident sign maker. We are currently in the process of redoing all of our signs across the entire estate. This includes all of the road signs, directional signs, and informational signs. Below you can see the set-up in my office for making the signs.

The whole operation of making the signs is being done here at Stratford. We use sheets of PVC that are cut to size, shaped, and painted. I then use a computer aided vinyl cutter to produce the lettering that is applied to the signboard. With the new signs we are trying to reach conformity across the entire estate and produce more effective signs. The biggest improvement in regards to effectiveness is that we are using reflective vinyl on all our road signs. This substantially increases the nighttime visibility of the road signs. Below is a picture of the first sign that was made and installed.

When all the existing signs have been replaced, we will begin to add new signs that will help visitors get around the various areas of the estate. We also hope to use our new sign making capabilities to add new interpretive signs around the historic areas. These interpretive signs will help visitors understand what they are looking at in particular areas. Please keep your eyes open for our new signs and I hope you find them useful.

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  1. Very attractive signs! Sounds like a big undertaking. My husband is a King George Lee, now approaching his 80th B-day. We have visited Stratford a number of times in past 50 yrs, and always love it. Beth Whitney Lee (a Kansas girl.)