Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great House Project Updates

Welcome to Stratford Hall's new projects blog! We've begun this site in order to update you on our progress for each of the projects we're working on. We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions as we begin implementing our new interpretive plan, called the "Lee Heritage Interpretive Plan."

We're currently working on the Southwest Outhouse. This work involves the complete restoration and reinterpretation of the building. Visitors normally meet their tour guide here, and once the work is completed, this space will provide visitors with an orientation to Stratford Hall. Our main focus in this building will be on the Lee family's economic reliance on tobacco production.

We're also reconstructing the stair passage in the Northwest corner of the Great House. This image shows the room in which the stairs will be built. When "Light Horse" Harry Lee lived at Stratford, he added these stairs. They were removed in the 1930s, but will be reconstructed under our new Lee Heritage Interpretive Plan.

Future posts will contain additional information about ongoing and upcoming projects. Please check back frequently!

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